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Rick Yannitello


Given the opportunity to review a medical client’s billing and payment records, we can identify accounts involving worker’s compensation patients, and then lead the client through Virginia’s process for seeking fair payment from insurance companies.  While results may vary from case to case, when dealing with a volume of patient accounts, we can improve overall realization of revenues from accounts receivable – even for accounts long since written off as hopeless.  Results are typically swift and substantial.

Workers Compensation Revenue Management
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Rick joined Marrs & Henry to further develop business relationships with healthcare providers who treat Virginia worker’s compensation patients. Rick helps us serve providers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as providers outside the state of Virginia who treat Virginia injured workers. Rick is the pioneer of underpayment resolutions for healthcare providers.

Beginning with an idea that medical providers were not being paid the correct amounts for services provided, Rick designed and developed a service delivery model that identifies claims that have uncollected balances, identifies the correct payor, investigates possible governing network contracts, reviews billings and payments, and identifies opportunities to improve providers’ rates of collection on their billings. To date the model developed and implemented by Rick has allowed healthcare provides to secure tens of millions of dollars once thought uncollectable.

Prior to the development of his service model, Rick spent 20 years working directly with worker’s compensation payors and benefit providers. The insight gained led to the development of the underpayment service model beginning in 2005.

In his spare time, Rick enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife and their two grown children. Rick enjoys cycling and traveling, and is a college sports fan.